Peppers-Farmers Market

Visiting in New Jersey, I visited a farmers market with a beautiful array of fruits and vegetables. these Peppers, and their vivid colors, drew my attention


Ode To Georgia

This acrylic painting is a nod to the wonderful southwest art of Georgia O'keefe.


Light Green Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchids with just a tinge of yellow green on a dark purple-black background.


Sunflower 1

Lush and beautiful large sunflowers tell us summer is here. Acrylic on canvas.


Las Vegas Palm

A vibrant and lively landscape interpretation of a desert vista showing the Spring mountains in a Las Vegas.


Maroon Orchid

A deep maroon phalaenopsis orchid in Windward, O'ahu.


Cottage Rose

Loving portrait of a Cottage Rose.

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