Over the years Linda Has created several commissions, both public and private.  Some commissions have been completed for several Restaurants and Hotels, plus a Library, retirement home and Clinic in Hawaii usually coordinating with architects, designers and Art Galleries.  The larger commissions were completed as a 1% for art project both for the state of Hawaii and city and county of Honolulu.  These projects are highly competitive and an artist must go through several screenings and competition with other artists.  Ms. Oszajca also completed several commissions for private residences and still continues to do this.  Linda Oszajca has enjoyed successful collaboration with architects and designers throughout the state of Hawaii.  She is always available to offer free estimates for any size job.

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  1. Dora Kuroda

    I love the painting you did of Auntie Momi Kepelino.
    You captured her elegance and strength.

    As a student of Auntie Momi’s, I would love to obtain a print of that painting as a very treasured memory of her. Do you have any prints for sale.



    • Linda Oszajca

      Yes I have prints for sale of Auntie Momi. I also have an actual photo I took of her when she posed for the painting that i have retouches that you might like. I am currently in New Zealand but will be back home Monday, April 25th and can send one then. I have been trying to think of a way to honor her with my art prints. I really cared for her and will miss her so much. Please write me at lindaoszajca@yahoo.com. When did you dance with her? Please feel free to write, I have access to the internet and can answer you.
      Linda Oszajca


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